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CTI Solutions software for UCM PBX

With a strong cooperation with CTI Solutions developed software that extend functionality of UCM PBX.

We can offer following products compatible with UCM 6xxx PBX:

  • Chromis REC - Call Recording Manager software
  • Naso CC - Contact Center / Call Center / call statistics software
  • Naso CC LITE - CTI client / call statistics software
  • Anthias STAT - billing / call statistics software
  • Naso CC Mobile - integrate your Android base mobile phone with UCM (call statistics & call recording)
  • Chromis REC is a software for managing call recordings collected by supported PBX. System integrates with PBX for direct acquiring calls. Recordings are stored onto the server hard drive in an encrypted format. Client software allows logged users to search for call, play them or copy if necessary. Chromis REC storage capacity is limited only by available Hard Drive space. Windows based LAN client access enables remote access to and administration of the system.

    Naso CC is a call center / contact center / call statistics software. It provides both agent and supervisor application for displaying many important information about all calls and customers.

    Anthias STAT is a billing / Statistics software allowing to analyze and account telecom traffic in your office. Anthias STAT extends functionality of PBX with functions like: traffic management, billing management, statistics on calls. All informations are based on CDR data collected from UCM PBX.

    Naso CC Mobile is an extension of Naso CC for Android based phones. It allows to process all calls from mobile phone (call info + call recording) and when there is a network connection (mobile or Wi-fi) sends it immediately to Naso CC Server.

    You dont need to wait for your mobile operator for monthly billings to verify calls, you have more call details as you have list of all calls (both incoming and outgoing) and not only answered calls from operatorís billing, but also all missed calls.

    It's also possible to record all calls. So no matter how you contact with your clients (PBX extensions or mobile) you can record your calls.

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