Network Security
VoIP Gateways

We offer a broad range of IP-to-TDM stand-alone gateways and consumers telephone adapters designed to bridge disparate technologies easily
and cost-effectively.

Our gateways support ISDN BRI, PRI, FXS, FXO,
and E1/T1 line codes and protocols for installations ranging from small businesses to large enterprises.

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  • Gigabit Ethernet and a backlit 128x32 graphic display with support for multiple languages
  • 16/24/32/48 telephone FXS ports with both RJ11 and 50-pin Telco connectors, as well as per port LED

  • An ideal solution for businesses looking to seamlessly connect multiple locations (up to 8 PSTN lines per location) to an IPPBX system, or an existing traditional phone system
  • 4 or 8 FXO port devices designed to meet the needs of a growing business office

  • An ideal solution for businesses looking to connect one or more lines of a traditional PBX to a VOIP phone system or provider
  • Auto-configurable, remotely manageable and scalable to offer a compelling price to performance ratio

  • A powerful IP solution for road warriors and residential users 2 FXS ports, dual 10M/100Mbps Ethernet ports with integrated high performance NAT router
  • Universal Plug-in-Play (UPnP)

  • A 3-in-1 gateway for PSTN network, analog telephone FXS interface and IP network
  • Supports call origination and termination from/to PSTN and supports the feature of “hop-on/hop-off” calling
  • Support for caller ID, call waiting, call transfer, and 3-way conferencing between IP and traditional PSTN network

  • Powerful IP ATA for residential and road warriors;
  • Ultra-compact size, superb voice quality, rich functionalities, strong security protection, excellent manageability;
  • Ideal single-port ATA for large scale commercial IP voice service deployment.

  • 2 FXS port (HT702) or 4 FXS port (HT704), supporting 3 REN and single 10/100M Ethernet port;
  • Advanced telephony features including caller ID, call waiting, 3-way conference, transfer, forward, do not disturb, message waiting indication, multi-language voice prompt, T.38 Fax, flexible dial plan;
  • Strong security protection of voice/data privacy using TLS/SRTP/HTTPS, secure and automated provisioning using TR069 and HTTP/HTTPS/TFTP.

  • It can be independently configured for connection to the PSTN or to a PBX.

  • The most resilient single-span digital gateway in its class;
  • Lync 2013 Qualified and Tested.

  • the most fault-tolerant dual-span digital gateway in its class;
  • Lync 2013 Qualified and Tested.

  • A flexible, field upgradable multi-span digital gateway that can be deployed in single, dual or quad span configurations.
  • It is the most resilient flexible digital gateway in its price class
  • Lync 2013 Qualified and Tested.

  • Feature-rich and cost-effective;
  • All-in-one turnkey solution PRI and R2MFC with up to 32 E1/T1;
  • Spans Simple licensing plan;
  • SIP RFC3261 H.323;
  • Interoperability between disparate networks;
  • Supports a wide range of VoIP and wireless codecs with sophisticated call routing.;

  • The all-in-one Lync server with a built-in VoIP gateway and SBC.The appliance is "right-sized" to support installations of up to 1,000 users;
  • Sangoma makes deploying a Lync system much simpler, faster, and more cost-effective with everything all in one box and all software pre-installed, saving hours or days of work.
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