Cloud Video-Conferencing

IPVideoTalk is a cloud-based video, audio and Web conferencing service , which allows businesses to turn their physical conference room into a global online meeting that can be broadly attended worldwide, allowing them to keep remote team collaborations productive and reach their customers efficiently wherever they are. IPVideoTalk meetings can be attended by any GXV320x and any PC or Mac users using WebRTC-capable Web browsers (such as Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox). IPVideoTalk touts advanced features including industry-leading 1080p Full HD video resolutions, HD audio, computer screen-sharing, meeting scheduler & reminders, meeting control, and much more. Two different service plan levels are currently being offered: IPVideoTalk Basic, which supports up to 25 meeting attendees and up to 3 video presenters, and IPVideoTalk Pro, which supports up to 50 meeting attendees and up to 8 video presenters.

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