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Cloud Antivirus

The "fat client" architecture of traditional antivirus products relies on heavyweight modules on endpoint systems to compare suspicious files with threat signatures. A client/cloud architecture fundamentally changes this dynamic. Only a very small client is needed on the endpoint. This client finds new files and creates hashes (signatures) of those files. The hashes are sent to a cloud-based server and compared with a large signature database. Responses are sent back to the endpoint system.

The client/cloud architecture has tremendous benefits over traditional antivirus products:

  • very little processing takes place on the endpoint, so there is no impact on end-user productivity
  • there is no appreciable impact on bandwidth usage or network performance, since only a few dozen hashes per system are exchanged over the network (typically about 120KB per day) instead of thousands of new threat signatures
  • the cloud-based system can host huge signature databases and use massive servers to perform pattern matching, so signature comparisons are more complete and faster
  • the cloud-based system gets real-time threat data feeds from test laboratories, antivirus clearinghouses, security vendors, thousands of enterprises and millions of users, so zero-day threats can be blocked as soon as they are identified
  • roaming and remote users can be protected from zero-day attacks as soon as they connect to the Internet
  • systems administrators don't need to spend time installing fat clients or distributing signature updates to every endpoint system
  • Fat-client antivirus products are effectively obsolete. A client/cloud architecture is the only way to make real-time signature-matching practical and effective.

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